“Break The Transmission - Do It For Love” is a song created to reach a wider audience so we can increase the awareness of the severity of COVID-19, and to emphasise the importance of staying at home, which is one of the most important things we can do to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe from the virus and to break the person-to-person transmission process.

While in self-isolation and after trying for several weeks to speak out for stronger measures and action via. social media and public feedback platforms, Johannah became motivated to find new ways to try to reach both the public and the authorities.  And of course, one proven way to get a message across is through music and song.

The song is created, performed and produced by musician Steve Goyne and the lyrics and inspiration for the song are originated from Johannah Maher together with Steve Goyne.  Johannah quoted some public figures in the song, (Dr Dan Suan and Geoff Lemon), who have themselves been outspoken about the need for stronger precautionary measures to stop the spread of the virus.  
Jo and Steve are cousins, and growing up they would have fun making music together at family occasions (mainly electronic house), while Steve went on to become an all-round musician and a qualified Sound Engineer, being part of several bands.

The cover art for BreakTheTransmission comes from Johannah´s mother, Wendy Maher, who made them one afternoon while in home-isolation in their home in Castlemaine, Victoria.   Wendy used the old black textas and whatever we could find in the bottom draw.

Sing-a-long with us!
We want everyone to sing-a-long this song with us to increase the awareness of the importance of staying at home during this global pandemic.  While we´re at home we can sing online together.​​

Download and perform the song yourself
Feel free to download the song and perform it yourself using your instruments, please record it and share it on social media using the hashtags
#BreakTheTransmission and #DoItForLove.

Let´s singalong and beat the coronavirus together.


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For enquiries about this campaign, please send the an email to johannah@impactrs.global.