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FDB Møbler


"We only use FSC certified wood and ECO-TEX certified textile. We change our production if needed in order to certify all furniture with the Nordic Ecolabel (The Swan) before 2025. These actions certify that all wood used is from sustainable managed forests, that environmentally harmful chemicals during production is minimized, that the toxicity of chemicals gassed off in interiors is insignificant, that allergic provoking materials are restricted, that the energy consumption during production is minimized, that recycling of materials is eased, that the furniture quality is of a high standard, etc. Further we calculate climate emissions on all our furniture products. These show that we have lower climate emissions on our furniture then what is standard in the furniture industry. Based on these screenings we will set goals for emission reductions in the coming years. Our owner (COOP) is a co-founder of DIEH (Dansk Initiativ for Etisk Handel) and a member of UN's Global Compact were we report progress on all the 17 areas of sustainable development every year. We collaborate with independent organisations like BSCI, SA8000 , WRAP , SMETA or SEDEX which audit suppliers outside the EU to ensure workers rights, good working conditions, decent pay, etc. Further COOP has its own office in Hong Kong which screens product quality and instigate laboratory screenings in order to avoid harmful chemicals in the products."



Sustainable design furniture. Circular economy & plasic from the oceans


Public Institution

InnoEnergy focus on new innovation and energy solutions - clean tech


We would like to contribute to a better news feed on SoMe

Climate Recovery


We manufacture round ventilation ductwork from sustainable material, recycled glass and sand, instead of sheet metal. The ability of products to be shipped flat and 50% lighter than standard alternatives creates a more sustainable logistics network and workplace for installers.


Social Enterprise

At Reboo we develop a circular-environment-friendly deposit system to eliminate disposable packaging in the food and coffee delivery/takeaway industry by providing 100% plastic-free reusable containers and cups to our customers.

Travel Kollekt


We empower responsible travellers. We do this by tackling the first barrier to sustainable behavior: a lack of information and at the same an oversaturated market of content. Our tools play a role in encouraging people to think for themselves, to travelling with intention proving them that planning, sustainability, and serendipity can go hand in hand. More than that, we are always improving our practices, which means that we operate with handpicked suppliers; we use only certified paper; we plant a tree with every printed book; and that we take our users' privacy very seriously.

Caballos Formadores SAS

Social Enterprise

We are CABALLOS FORMADORES, a social business founded under the philosophy of finding the most natural possible way of establishing relationships with horses and their environment building-up spaces where human beings can create life attitudes. Our business model B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customers) has allowed us to transform the lives of hundreds of people and to improve the working environment of many companies, in addition of being pioneers of horse-assisted education in America Latina.



In our business impact is the core because we source fruit and vegetables that would otherwise not be eaten, because they don´t look perfect enough or because they are over produced. We feed it back to the food system and to consumers. We are tackling food waste where it happens in the beginning of the food chain. Everyday smashing the food industry beauty standards! Through the GRIM food box subscription we make it really easy for people to find and use multi-sustainable ingredients: organic, anti-food waste and minimum packaging!

JExiste"Ton Acte,mon Identité"

Social Enterprise

20% of children in my country exist but do not have a birth certificate, and every year 40,000 of them are excluded from school because of the absence of this administrative document. Our organization contributes to the SDG 16.09 which wants to ensure an identity for all by 2030. We have created a virtual census and support platform for the declaration made up of a digital information device with videos translated into the different national languages ​​and a census tool to advocate with our states. we regularize every year 10,000 children for free, are a community of 1,500 people in Senegal and have also opened a branch in Guinea.



Our users find new homes on our platform. But a new building comes with a very high CO2 footprint. We help tenants offset their climate impact. We do this by "rebuilding" nature ie. planting trees, rewilding, etc.

Value Sustainability

Social Enterprise

"Value Sustainability is a California based, woman-owned firm aimed at offering high quality, moderately priced and cost-effective strategic and management consulting services to public agencies, businesses and nonprofits. We specialise in providing advisory services in sustainable design, planning and reporting; renewable energy; climate change and community engagement. The consultancy help clients deliver on their GHG reduction/sustainability targets, mitigate future risks and educate on the opportunities and challenges. More on who we are, what we stand for and how we do it: "



We want to enable action to understand and guide technology towards a bright sustainable future.

Key to Reform and Empower Our Nation (KREON)


I am one of the leads of a non-profit org named KREON who focuses on quality education and believes that it's one powerful way to resolve most of the world's pressing issues.



This brand is Imarit, which means origin in Lenca, the language of my ancestors. Imarit goes to the origin of one of the most sustainable fibers and by doing so the commitment is to create as much value addition to the ecosystem of the alpaca as possible. My work close to the artisans and witnessing how sustainable they can produce, how much impact this can create in their life and society has been the sparkle for the fashion initiative; however after years of observations on how the advance of fast fashion is affecting the general conditions and behaviors of our society I believed that it was important to create a brand that would project back those simpler and ethical ways of living. The goal of Imarit is to build a well-known sustainable fashion brand that on one hand creates value for the fashion consumer who cares deeply about the environment, and on the other helps lift Alpaca weavers in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes out of poverty – particularly women - by providing decent work, driving business, competitiveness and inclusive economic growth. Specific results we see: - Help sustain alpaca herders and breeders in the Peruvian highlands - Preserve ancient handwoven techniques used by Aymara weavers and improve working conditions and business competitiveness through models of co-operative and co-ownership. - Increase in the percentage of weavers communities with an active and effective relationship with the cultural and tourism programs. - Stronger women’s voice and representation in social dialogue with local, regional and national levels. -Help fashion consumers to reduce their textile waste by buying high-quality alpaca handwoven garments that are beautiful and long-lasting, and which are produced in a cycle that ensures that every person who knits their garments is treated with respect, with fair wages and fair working conditions.



Among others, erosion and pesticides are increasingly becoming a problem for the intensive use of soil under different applications. We have conducted research to understand the science behind the natural regulatory mechanisms, which can be achieved through the application of indigenous, microbially active plant fortifyers. This trend-setting research helps both to reduce the use of pesticides and the amount of required fertilizers. We want to be part of the movement that enables our soil to be used for many generations to come.

Housing Joint Venture


Housing is a huge contributor to carbon emissions. We advocate and practice the repair, restore, remodel of older housing stock. We aim to solve the housing crisis with newly added budget friendly rentals.



Sustainable development consultants.

oikos Copenhagen

Association / Network / Community

We empower students to be change makers through various self organised projects that cover different sustainability aspects. These stretch from impacting sustainability on campus, including sustainability course in existing curricula, organising debates and workshops and case competitions on sustainability related subjects and connecting students to social enterprises and firms that actively implement sustainability in their work.

Youth for Sustainable Impact


We have multiple projects running under us. Project AYUDHA: We educate and train (skill-development) rural communities to manufacture Eco-friendly fashion accessories, apparel and home-decor items. We also connect them with markets. Our focus is on women to help them break the gender based stereotypes. Our aim through this project is to promote green jobs and to promote the culture of entrepreneurship in rural communities which would help them to attain financial independence. Another Project under YSI is to spread awareness and to engage youth to take action for SDGs. We visit educational institutes to conduct sessions on SDGs and then the students are mentored and guided to take action for SDGs in their local communities. They work in groups and start a project based on their interested SDG. Project STEP: We did a pilot project on testing an IQ-EQ based adaptive & interactive education system with more focus on practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. We believe education should be fun-based learning. We also focused on giving the results in the form of optimistic comments with graphs instead of grades which reduces the depression caused due to low grades. We also gave equal importance to extra-curricular activities and va;lue education. Students were involved in activities to promote SDGs along with studies. This pilot was successful and we plan to implement in large scale.


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